Did you know that the Mekong river discharges seven times more water than the Dutch Rhine river? And that Vietnamese delta dwellers are more resilient than Dutch people?

In 2009 I moved to the Vietnamese Mekong delta. On the basis of my experiences on-site, I wrote the journalistic book ‘Living with the Mekong’ about how people in the Mekong Delta deal with climate change and urban development.

Residents gained experience with rising waters and lived there for generations. Therefore they can help scientists and policymakers to make plans to prevent the Mekong delta from disappearing completely due to rising sea levels.

The Dutch Watersnoodmuseum interviewed me about my book. This story is about the power of the water, the resilience of people in the Mekong delta and what we can learn from them.

Watch the video below (and turn subtitles on)!

This interview was created in collaboration with the Watersnoodmuseum and the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds.


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