Nextblue proudly introduces the film project Me and Mekong. We will create an interactive web documentary that portrays five citizens who are working towards a better future for Vietnam’s Mekong delta.

This film project is inspired by Joep Janssen’s book Leven met de Mekong, which shows how delta residents have been living with water for generations. We are happy to take you along on a virtual journey to their Mekong delta, one of the world’s most vulnerable areas for climate change.

We need your help to make the film

Joep Janssen is closely following developments in the Mekong delta and writes about it for newspapers, such as Trouw, NRC Handelsblad, Vietnamese newspaper Tuoi Tre and Oi Vietnam. The team further consists of climate and water expert Niels van den Berge, postdoc researcher Long Hoàng from Wageningen University & Research, and documentary photographer Thomas van den Berg.

We are full of ideas and have built a strong network in Vietnam, but we can’t do this alone. We will actively use knowledge and experiences from the international water community to realize Me & Mekong. Our team needs your help to make this film project a success!

Nextblue will regularly publish articles, polls and videos, through which we ask your input for the documentary. We invite you to share ideas, suggestions and experiences about the Mekong delta with us. Contributions will be compiled on our film page.

Join the filmmakers on their journey through the Mekong delta and let the resilience, creativity and optimism of its residents surprise you.

Woman rowing her boat near Can Tho. Photo: Thomas van den Berg

What is the envisioned result?

Our goal with the film is to trigger and facilitate knowledge exchange between water professionals, policy makers and residents of the Mekong delta. Not only will we bring local, Dutch and international water knowledge together, we will also help to bridge the gap between research and practice.

The storyline mimics a road trip.You will meet the residents who encourage you to take detours through their Mekong delta. During your journey, you will learn more about the water challenges they face in their day-to-day lives. Through in-depth interviews, the film covers a wide range of issues, from salinisation and subsidence, to flooded streets and mangrove restoration.

In 2019 we’ll do the actual filming in the delta and then we will also train as many delta residents as possible in citizen journalism. By doing so, we enable them to share their delta knowledge with the Nextblue community. This will not only help us to retrieve stories that are useful for the film, it will also help strengthening the resilience of communities.

Me & Mekong is a film project about and with the people of the Mekong delta in Vietnam.


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