This unique, interactive documentary follows five citizens who work towards a better future for Vietnam’s Mekong delta. Nextblue will show climate change and living with water through the eyes of local people.

Video: Henk Ovink endorses Nextblue’s interactive web documentary ‘Me and Mekong’.

The next few months will be both crucial and exciting for realising our interactive web documentary. We recently started the fundraising campaign and talked with potential sponsors. When Dutch Water Envoy Henk Ovink heard about our plan, he got enthusiastic and wanted to endorse our film project. Honoured and delighted, we headed to his office for a video interview.

Ovink, who says Nextblue’s film project is critically important, travels the world to work with local people on solutions for water challenges. Earlier this year, he visited the Mekong delta to learn more about the day-to-day water challenges that people in the Mekong delta face.  

Ovink says: “If we don’t understand what is at stake and what the story of the people  living in this delta is, we are not fit to develop sustainable solutions for the challenges they face. We have to listen to local people, learn from them and build on their expertise. All the stories ‘Me and Mekong’ will tell and share with us, are inspirations for every step we have to take for a better Mekong delta.”

Henk Ovink in conversation with Joep Janssen, author of the book ‘Living with the Mekong’.

Joep Janssen, author of the book ‘Living with the Mekong’ and initiator of the documentary, adds: “Our documentary puts together stories about the huge challenges that local citizens in the Mekong delta face in dealing with climate change and rapid urbanisation, and it also tells stories about human resilience, creativity and the beauty of hope.”

The film will be programmed for people interested in environmental and social consequences of climate change, and everyone who has the ambition to change the world.

Me and Mekong’ is scheduled to be released in October 2019.