Bangladesh and Climate Change

Mr Abdul Wahab, a 55 years old boatman and a climate migrant from Barisal district. He has been ferrying people from Showari ghat to Zinzira over the last 8 years. According to him, during winter the river water becomes very dark and the odor from the water becomes intolerable. During rainy season, the water quality becomes little better after heavy rainfall. Photo: Farzana Rahman


Bangladesh is working hard to feed its increasing population as agricultural land diminishes. As well as facing threats posed by the climate crisis. How do local people deal with these challenges? And what can we learn from them? We visited some communities in different regions across the country to better understand their needs and discover what solutions they would like to see.

Together with a strong team of participants we have delivered 18 stories, short videos and one long-duration video about water and climate change in Bangladesh. We completed this unique programme in September 2021 following our three-step approach:

  • Training local journalists to produce water and climate stories;
  • Co-produce articles and videos;
  • Share their stories during virtual events and online campaigns for meaningful climate actions.


Stories by our participants from Bangladesh can be found here.

We would like to invite you to watch our video:

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