Reducing the risk of glacial lake outburst floods in Pakistan

Pakistan has faced catastrophic floods in recent years that have killed and displaced thousands, and destroyed countless homes and livelihoods. What is it like to live in Pakistan’s flood prone areas?

Making rural water challenges visible through social media campaigns

Many people in Nigeria do not have access to safe drinking water, especially in remote rural villages. Social activist Samuel Omaka created a social media campaign to tackle this issue.

We cannot turn away from our rivers

Photographer Abhishek Singh travelled along a large tributary river of the Ganges in India, called the Yamuna. He captured life and activists trying to clean the polluted lifeline of these Indian people.

Gender empowerment is essential for clean water and sanitation

Clean water and Sanitation is seen as essential throughout the world. To reach it, anthropologist Marietta Shimizu-Larenas stresses that we need to empower the voices of women within the water management sector.

Pakistan: River Indus delta women’s saga

Sea level rise as a result of climate change is destroying Pakistan's River Indus delta and water scarcity is becoming a major issue.

Mekong’s women and water

Can Tho is the heart of Vietnam’s Mekong delta. Researcher Ly Quoc Dang crisscrossed the city to see how women cope with water challenges.

Beira is working on reconstruction, with Dutch help

Mozambique’s port city of Beira was badly hit by Cyclone Idai two months ago. How are the residents recovering their city?

Podcast: Henk Ovink about Water as Leverage

We talked with Dutch Water Envoy Henk Ovink about water as leverage for making cities resilient, the need to collaborate and the power of storytelling.

To Dutch water and food experts: be a servant leader, not a...

Prime Minister Mark Rutte is on a trade mission to Vietnam. Joep Janssen and Ad Spijkers, both active in Vietnam, make a plea for servant leadership.

Pakistan’s Indus river delta has almost died, this journalist warns

Climate change is an everyday reality for Pakistani citizens. In conversation with Amar Guriro about water scarcity, climate-resilient solutions and the power of journalism.