About us

Nextblue is a community-driven platform about water. We strive for improved understanding of water challenges in delta areas, initiate dialogues with local delta dwellers, who know their environment best, and put forward solutions to improve living with water.

Extreme flooding, growing delta cities and millions of climate refugees. These are the challenges delta countries face. Demand for water knowledge increases and so does the complexity of water challenges.

Nextblue anticipates the need for thorough analyses of the local context, because it increases the chance that water plans are effective in practice. This is of importance for both the local delta dwellers, as well as for the Dutch water sector.

Our approach is unique, because we bring local citizen journalists and water professionals together. We offer them a platform to share their knowledge and questions and we train local people to present and highlight their stories and knowledge effectively.

Nextblue articles and videos are made by local delta dwellers and by students, engineers and scientists from the water sector, who keep their fingers on the pulse locally. The stories are freely accessible. We do not work with paywalls.

Joep Janssen

Co-founder Nextblue

Joep is architect, delta-expert and author of the book Living with the Mekong (2015). He became fascinated by delta cities after having lived in Vietnam for four years.

Niels van den Berge

Co-founder Nextblue

Niels van den Berge studied Forest and Nature Conservation at Wageningen University. After his work as a politician in the Netherlands, he left for Bangladesh in 2012.