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Beira is working on reconstruction, with Dutch help

Mozambique’s port city of Beira was badly hit by Cyclone Idai two months ago. How are the residents recovering their city?

To Dutch water and food experts: be a servant leader, not a...

Prime Minister Mark Rutte is on a trade mission to Vietnam. Joep Janssen and Ad Spijkers, both active in Vietnam, make a plea for servant leadership.

Life in the Sundarbans: This is what resilience looks like

Mangroves around the world are shrinking due to industrial development and climate change. Our correspondent Supratim went to the Sundarbans in India to show what happens as mangrove forests disappears.

900km Nile City

Climate change is threatening the Nile delta in Egypt, resulting in increased droughts, poor water quality and other challenges. How to solve these pressing water issues?

Nextblue presents: Me & Mekong

Nextblue will create an interactive web documentary that portrays five citizens who are working towards a better future for Vietnam’s Mekong delta.

Working in Myanmar: a great adventure

Deltares expert Marcel Marchand traveled to Myanmar to map flood and cyclone risks. Read his story about a delta country in transition.

Dutch delta expertise through Bangladeshi eyes

What happens when Dutch expertise travels to Bangladesh and Vietnam? Shahnoor Hasan offers a fresh perspective.

Bangladesh flooded. How to proceed?

The people in Northern Bangladesh are bracing themselves for floods again.

The Dutch solution to sea level rise: make holes in the dikes

To highlight water innovations, we talked to experts and fishermen about the Fish Migration River.