Freshwater ecosystems


Our programme aims to enhance the significance of sharing experiences, insights, and good practices for the freshwater ecosystem conservation and management in south and south-east Asia.

Through the seminar we will bring together stakeholders from different domains to highlight and exchange the universally effective practices and arrangement for freshwater ecosystem services conservation and management.

Furthermore, the event aims to take a deeper look into the underlying conditions for those practices to work, shedding the light on how to implement them at the local scale in the target countries (India, Thailand, and Vietnam).

The programme activities consist of 3 international seminars and 3 training workshops in 3 countries, hosted by each country, India, Thailand, and Vietnam. The specific objectives of the events are:

  • To establish a new collaborative network between three target countries: India, Thailand, and Vietnam.
  • To share lessons on good practices (success stories) and feasible courses of action in freshwater ecosystems conservation and management for sustainable consumption, disaster risk reduction, and climate change adaptation.
  • To document meaningful knowledge, expertise and experiences from local communities related to ecosystem-based approaches.
  • To identify entry points in filling the gaps in mainstream biodiversity and freshwater ecosystem services into development policies.
  • To communicate the importance of ecosystem services and biodiversity at multiple levels (local, sub-national and cross-national) for the full enjoyment of human rights.


We would like to invite you to watch our film documentary:

Our partners for this project

Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI)

Swedish Government (SIDA)

Asian Institute of Technology (AIT)

WWF Thailand

An Giang University (AGU)