Me and Mekong

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Climate change is happening now. In Vietnam's Mekong delta it’s part of people’s daily lives. We believe that they can teach us how to become resilient. That's why we started Me and Mekong. Join our journey from production to premiere!

Nextblue proudly introduces Me and Mekong, an interactive web documentary that portrays five citizens who work towards a better future for Vietnam’s Mekong delta.

The storyline mimics a road trip, as you are encouraged to take detours and learn more about their lives and water challenges they face on a daily basis. Through in-depth interviews, the film covers a wide range of issues, from salinisation and subsidence to flooded streets and mangrove restoration.

Join the filmmakers on their journey through the Mekong delta, one of the world’s most sensitive areas to climate change.

The team

Urban delta expert and publicist Joep Janssen, Mekong delta researcher Long Hoàng, and documentary photographer Thomas van den Berg.


The 15 minutes documentary will premiere in 2020 with Vietnamese, English, and Dutch subtitles. Excellent programming for people interested in environmental and social consequences of climate change and everyone who has the ambition to change the world. For more information, please send an email to:



The Mekong delta and its water challenges, revealed through the eyes of ordinary people



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