Media production

Being effective locally.

If you want to market your water product abroad, you need excellent intercultural communication skills and understanding of intercultural differences. We help you and your organisation to increase your understanding of the specific intercultural context you will be working in.

You can hire us to help you tell your story. In the form of a strong article or powerful video, depending on your audience. We are your sparring and communication partner in each step of the process. We think along with you and come up with concrete suggestions to strengthen your message, communication tool, content and presentation. Jointly we will get it done.

You can also hire us to help you reflect on intercultural effectiveness. Do you work with an intercultural team, are you embarking on a journey to another country for work or study, or do you need advice on how to market your product in South-East Asia? We are ready to help you. Our virtual reflection techniques (via Skype and e-mail) are also suitable for distant support.

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