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What do we learn from the Mekong delta? Watch my interview here

Dutch Watersnoodmuseum interviewed Joep Janssen on his lessons learned from Vietnam's Mekong delta.

“The international water sector needs more aha moments”

Hydraulic engineer Gerard Pichel initiated the water club and explains the importance of sharing knowledge.

Interview: This ambassador praises resilience of Bangladeshis

Dutch Ambassador Cuelenaere talks about her collaboration with the Bangladeshis and contributions by the Dutch water sector.

Podcast: Why Nextblue?

Dutch radio De Late Avond interviewed Nextblue about the power of storytelling in the water sector.

Interview: Henk Ovink about water opportunities in Asia

Interview with Dutch Water Envoy Henk Ovink about Water as Leverage in Asia, the need to collaborate and the power of storytelling.