Towards a climate resilient society for all

Screenshot film Me and Mekong


Our project aims to unleash the power of digital communication and social media to inclusively represent needs and interests of disadvantaged groups in the process of policy formulation, implementation and policy feedback.

This will be done through a combination of self-production by the target groups as well as co-production by relevant professionals and other social groups.

Furthermore, the training sessions will equip the participants with skills e.g. access information, design collective climate actions, to design effective pathways and actions to co-develop climate change adaptation and build collective resilience.

The programme activities consist of a launch, a workshop, an international seminar, two social media campaigns, and two policy dialogues. The specific objectives of the events are:

  • Curate, showcase and share good practices in using social media for climate change adaptation and disaster risk management.
  • Train and advocate a co-learning process between citizens and professionals in policy making, sciences, and media communication for climate actions.
  • Highlight proven mechanism for inclusive use of social media in climate change adaptation and resilience building.
  • Harness the benefits of social media and digital communication for disaster risk governance and mainstreaming climate change adaptation.


We have produced 42 social media posts, 13 stories, 13 short videos, and one film documentary "Go social. For climate."

We would like to invite you to watch this film:

Watch all short videos co-created by participants here.

Stories produced for this programme

Our partners for this project

Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI)

Swedish Government (SIDA)

Institute for Circular Economy Development (ICED)

Asian Institute of Technology (AIT)

Delta Research Initiative

New Amsterdam Consult