Urbanising deltas of the world

Villagers try to salvage paddy crop from fields that have been inundated by floods. Photo: Supratim Bhattacharjee


Useful scientific innovations are instrumental to support river delta planning and management, helping citizens, working professionals and policy makers to jointly address critical delta challenges including floods, salinization, droughts, and many more.


With support of the UDW programme and participating UDW projects Involving Bangladesh, Vietnamese and Dutch partners, we have organised a tool lab session on 8 July 2021 on how to use MOTA tool and the Waterapps FarmerSupport app to analyse and develop solutions in the domains of delta planning, climate change adaptation.

We have also created this video to explain both innovative tools:


Centre for Water and Climate Change Vietnam

Khulna University Bangladesh

Wageningen University and Research (WUR)

IHE Delft

Delta Research Initiative

New Amsterdam Consult

NWO - Urbanising Deltas of the World (UDW)